Drive mapping does not work properly when converting to a Target Physical Machine

  • 7920273
  • 21-Jun-2005
  • 27-Apr-2012


This article discusses a possible drive mapping issue when performing a conversion to a Target Physical Machine.


During a conversion to a Target Physical machine, drive mapping may not work properly if all of the following conditions are TRUE:

  • The Target Physical machine was previously used for a conversion (either as a source or target machine)
  • The user schedules a conversion to a Target Physical Machine and does not assign at least one volume on each disk of the target machine
  • The target disk that does not have any volume(s) assigned to it in the current conversion job contains a volume from the previous conversion


A user has a machine that has the following configuration:

Disk 1 - C:
Disk 2 - D:
Disk 3 - E:

The machine was previously used a source server in a physical to virtual machine conversion.  The user will now use the machine as a Target Physical machine in a subsequent conversion, but will only assign volume(s) to Disk 1 and 2.  No volume(s) are assigned to Disk 3 and as a result, Disk 3 now meets the conditions listed above.

The above case or any other similar case can cause the migration to fail during the configuration stage of the conversion job.  The user may notice that the Target Physical machine is contantly rebooting or that after logging into the machine for the first time, the target disk that did not have any volume assigned to it in the conversion job now contains a duplicate volume.





To prevent this behavior from occurring, delete the file named "PlateSpin Mount Manager Backup.txt" from all volumes on the target machine (if they exist) before proceeding with the conversion job.