Conversion fails at "Removing Controller from Virtual Machine"

  • 7920182
  • 16-Feb-2005
  • 26-Apr-2012


This article discusses a possible issue when converting a Linux source that is using a non default SSH port.


When performing a conversion of a Linux source server that is configured to use a SSH port other than the standard port 22, the following error may appear during the "Configure Operating System" stage of the conversion:

"No connection is available to service this operation."



Although the above error may occur, the target VM should be fully functional and the Controller can be removed manually by using the following steps:


  1. Log onto the newly created Linux VM as root
  2. Type 'service ofxcontrollerd stop' to stop the PlateSpin controller
  3. Type 'rpm -e ofxcontrollerd' to uninstall the PlateSpin controller