Scheduling Create Virtual Machine step fails

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  • 11-Feb-2005
  • 30-Apr-2012


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This article discusses a possible failure at the "Scheduling Create Virtual Machine" step with PowerP2V.


This step will most likely fail if the PowerP2V Server contains more than one network adapter/IP address and the target virtual host is attempting to heartbeat to the wrong IP Address (i.e.  It is attempting to heartbeat to one of the network adapters on the PowerP2V Server that is connected to a different network/subnet).  The heartbeat service will not be able to start and the conversion job will fail at this particular step.



PowerP2V requires a single NIC configuration in order to function properly.  If the PowerP2V Server is installed on a machine that has multiple NICs that are each connected to different networks/subnets, then the recommended workaround in this type of scenario would be to either:

1)  Disable the NIC(s) that will not be used during the conversion and then undiscover and rediscover the target and source servers (to ensure that the controllers are updated) before retrying the conversion job.


2)  Install PowerP2V on a server that has a single NIC configuration.