Which ports need to be open on my firewall/router for PowerP2V?

  • 7920133
  • 17-Nov-2004
  • 30-Apr-2012


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This article discusses which ports are used during a conversion with PowerP2V.


The following ports are used by PowerP2V during the discovery process:

22              TCP      SSH Port used when discovering Linux source servers or VMware ESX Servers
135/445    TCP      For DCOM/RPC communication as PowerP2V utilizes WMI when discovering Windows based servers so that no manual 
                              configuration is required

**WMI (RPC/DCOM) may use TCP ports 135 and 445 as well as random/dynamically assigned ports above 1024. If problems occur during the discovery process, another alternative is to temporarily place the server in a DMZ (or temporarily open the firewall) for the discovery process only.

After the servers have been discovered, the following ports are used by PowerP2V during the conversion:

80       TCP      For communication between the PowerP2V Server and the source/target machines
3725   TCP      File Transfer port used between the source and target machine (Target VM may use a random outgoing port)

For additional server discovery troubleshooting, see TID 7920042.  Please contact support.powerp2v@platespin.com if you have any questions further regarding this.