How long does a PowerConvert conversion take?

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  • 12-Oct-2004
  • 30-Apr-2012


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The majority of a conversion job is spent doing file transfer.  A rough estimate of 15 minutes can be counted on for the total execution time of all steps excluding the file transfer. To properly estimate the amount of time a conversion will take you will need to take into account the following factors

  • Amount of data of the source server
  • Network speed
  • Network reliability
  • Source server file density
  • Amount of OS configuration preformed

You can expect to see 20 to 25 Mbs transfer speed on a 100 Mbs network.  To calculate a rough time estimate take the total size of all the volumes to be copied in megabytes multiply by 8 to get the size in Megabit divided by 25 to get the total time in seconds, and finally divide by 60 to get the total time in minutes.


For example

C: 3000 MB

D: 12000 MB


Total data to be transferred = 15360000 MB x 8 b/B

Total data to be transferred = 120000 Mb


Time to transfer = 120000 Mb / 25 Mb/s / 60 sec/min

Time to transfer = 80 min.


Total conversion time = 80 min + 15 min

Total conversion time = 95 min

This is just an estimate, the file density (the number of files per megabyte) of the source server, and the network reliability can affect these time estimates.  The higher the file density then the lower the expected transfer speed will be.  The less reliable the network the longer the transfer will take to account for retries caused by network outages.