Refresh Server Details during a P2V causes the conversion job to fail

  • 7920063
  • 31-Aug-2004
  • 30-Apr-2012


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This article outlines a known issue where a P2V conversion will fail if a refresh of the server details is performed.


A known issue has recently come to attention where performing a "Refresh Server Details" during the conversion while the newly created target VM is under PlateSpin control (i.e.  after step 4 has been completed) will cause the conversion job to fail.  The following error message may appear with the failed job:

The requested object was not found (Device b54bb9ac-t456-6f3e-80bd-f464a6005dfe)

PlateSpin is aware of the issue and we are currently working towards a resolution.  Please contact PlateSpin support at if you have any further questions.