How do I restore the NetIQ Analysis Center Databases? (NETIQKB73385)

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  • 17-Feb-2012
  • 17-Feb-2012


NetIQ Analysis Center 2.7.x


How do I restore the NetIQ Analysis Center Databases?


To restore the backed up Analysis Center databases:

1. Start SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the SQL Server.

2. Expand the computer where the AC_Warehouse and AC_Configuration databases are

3. Right-click and select Tasks > Restore > Database

4. Under Destination for restore, enter the database name.

5. Under Source for restore, select the From device option and click [...].

6. In the Specify Backup dialog box:
- Select File in the Backup media list.
- Click Add to browse for the file where you saved the database backup.

7. Click OK.

8. Select Restore under Select the backup sets to restore.

9. Click Options under Select a page pane.

10. Select Overwrite the existing database under Restore options, and retain the default
option under Recovery state to restore.

11. Repeat Steps 1 through 10 to restore the Data Mart databases.

12. Once all the databases are restored, toggle the data source as disabled in the Analysis Center console & then re-enable it shortly thereafter.  This will trigger the rebuild of the ETL SQL Job & the SSIS packages.

13. After the ETL completes successfully temporarily disable the job from running again from within SQL Management Studio

14. Run the Analysis Center Installation SQL job from within SQL Management Studio. This will recreate the AC_OLAP database & the Analysis Center OLAP Processing SQL job.  Depending on the amount of data stored in the data mart database, the job may take a considerable amount of time to complete & will put a load on server resources.

15. Once both the ETL & OLAP jobs have completed successfully, enable all jobs & verify console functionality & data availability to reports.


Restoring Databases Analysis Center Databases

You can restore Analysis Center databases to either a new installation for migration/upgrade or an existing Analysis Center installation in the case of database recovery. You must belong to the System Administrators group for the SQL Server to restore the databases. You can use either a domain
or local administrator account.

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