How do I create users in the internal repository? (NETIQKB73357)

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  • 27-Jan-2012
  • 27-Jan-2012


VigilEnt Policy Center 5.6


How do I create users in the internal repository?


Creating a User Account from the Administration Site

If you are using the internal repository, you can use VPC to create user accounts stored in the internal repository. You can create user IDs from the Administration Site or users can create their own IDs from the User Site.  The following steps show how to create a user

ID from the Administration Site.


To create a user account from the Administration Site:

1. On the Administration tab, click Users.

VPC displays the User Info page.

2. Click Add.

VPC displays the User page.

3. Type the user ID in the User ID field.

4. Type a password in the Password field and confirm by typing the same password in the Confirm Password field.

5. Optional. Type the information for inclusion in the VigilEnt Policy Center user profiles in the First Name, Last Name, E-mail, Department, and extension fields.

6. Optional. Add the name of the user?s manager by searching for and selecting the manager?s user name in the Search for Manager area.

7. Click Save to add the new user and return to the User Info page.

8. Verify the user account by clicking Search.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB73357

? You can add users to a group while creating the user ID. For more information, see ?Creating a User Group.? in the VPC User Guide or NETIQKB73358.

? If you are using Windows Active Directory for authentication or LDAP for your user repository, you cannot create a user group in VPC. Create your user groups through your Windows user manager utility