How do I import users into internal repository with a file? (NETIQKB73355)

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  • 27-Jan-2012
  • 27-Jan-2012


VigilEnt Policy Center 5.6


How do I import users into internal repository with a file?


Importing users provides an easy way to enter all users virtually without error. Use commas (,) to separate information for each user and use semi-colons (;) to separate users from each other. Because the data is so large when importing 500 or more users, we recommend that you perform this function after normal business hours. Use these steps to import an existing user list.

To import a user list:
1. On the Administration tab, click Users.VPC displays the User Info page.
2. Click Import.
3. Type the file path in the File Name field or click Browse to select the file.

Separate users in this file by semi-colons, and separate each item within a user?s record by commas. Use the following format:


If one of the variables does not exist, type the variable as a space. For example, if the data does not contain a user first name, use the following format:
userID,password, ,lastname,email,department,extension

4. Click Import and verify that VPC properly imported the users by clicking Search on the User Info page.

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