How to increase the console command timeout value for the Control Center Console. (NETIQKB73349)

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  • 23-Jan-2012
  • 23-Feb-2012


NetIQ AppManager Control Center 8.x


How to modify the console command timeout value for the Control Center Console.


Modify the following file:

<drive>:\Program Files\NetIQ\AppManager\Control Center\bin\AMCC.exe.config.

You will find a section where COMMANDTIMEOUT is specified. By default this entire section is commented out and uses default values. Copy the COMMANDTIMEOUT tag out of the uncommented area to an active area. After that change the value of COMMANDTIMEOUT from 30 to 60,90, or 120. Please note that you will need to close and reopen the CCUI each time you change this value.

See the example in the notes section for visual reference.


The xml config file can be modified to increase the timeout value.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB73349

Sample XML File:

<?xml version="1.0"?>





<add key="TRACELEVEL" value="debug" />

<add key="TraceFormat" value="{T} {L} [Assembly={A}; Method={M} ThreadID={H}] : {m}" />

<add key="COMMANDTIMEOUT" value="90" />


Use these attributes to change default SQL connection parameter values:

<add key="CONNECTIONTIMEOUT" value="15" />

<add key="COMMANDTIMEOUT" value="30" />

<add key="PACKETSIZE" value="8192" />

<add key="RETRYCOUNT" value="1" />

Default Values:

connection timeout: 15 seconds (time to wait while trying to establish a connection before terminating the attempt and generating an error)

command timeout: 30 seconds (the wait time before terminating the attempt to execute a command and generating an error)

packet size: 8192 bytes (size (in bytes) of network packets used to communicate with an instance of SQL Server)

retry count: 1 (number of times to retry the operation if failed)


Here are the allowed ranges for the above parameters:

connection timeout: 15-600

command timeout: 15-600

packet size: 512-32767

retry count: 0-3

If the value set in the file cannot be parsed into a number the default one will be used. If the value falls outside the allowed range the closest allowed value is used.


<add key="NETIQ_PACKAGE_UPDATE_URL" value="" />