Frequently referenced Knowledge Base articles for NetIQ AppManager 8 (NETIQKB73343)

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  • 23-Jan-2012
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NetIQ AppManager 8.x


This is a list of frequently referenced KB articles for the NetIQ AppManager 8 release.


NETIQKB1380 - How do I configure an Express or Auto Logon Page for the AppManager Web Console?

NETIQKB51787 - Cannot add repository in Control Center.

NETIQKB71661 - AppManager Client Resource Monitor (netiqmc) start fails with 'RPC error initialization failed with 1713'.

NETIQKB71715 - Login failed for user 'null'. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.

NETIQKB72222 - Control Center Console error: 'Server "SQLHOSTSERVE" is not configured for RPC' in Cache Manager status.

NETIQKB72861 - Error during knowledge base install stating invalid machine or user or database initialization error.

NETIQKB73077 - Bits error 80190191 when trying to check package into the deployment.

NETIQKB73155 - AppManager 8.0 HealthCheck Policy only applies to Agents connected to an AM 8.0 Repository.

NETIQKB73159 - Domain name appears to be invalid or can not be reached at this time.

NETIQKB73166 - Why do I get Consolidated AM Health Check Events when there shouldn't be any?

NETIQKB73171 - Why is the SA SQL right granted to the AppManager Administrators group in Control Center?

NETIQKB73330 - Unable to upgrade Windows Agent using deployment if machine was added via FQDN or IP address.

NETIQKB73334 - What is the purpose of the Current Value drop down list?

NETIQKB73335 - There is no 'Application Discovery' KS.

NETIQKB73338 - NetIQ Knowledge Base utility may error when installing on AppManager 8 with FIPS enabled.

NETIQKB73339 - How do I migrate AppManager agents from 7.0.4 to 8.x?

NETIQKB73340 - Removing or updating a KSG linked to a Monitoring Policy creates orphanged job(s).

NETIQKB73345 - Cache Manager error SQL Error: CC_SyncQDBObjectTypes: failed to find @datasourcename. (SQL severity 18).

NETIQKB73346 - Deployment Task are not being created for an Agent Update rule.

NETIQKB73347 - Preinstall check fails for WinOS module stating HotFix 71704 was not installed.

NETIQKB73348 - Error when creating an Ad-hoc management group.

NETIQKB73349 - How to increase the console command timeout value for the Control Center Console.
NETIQKB7012443 - Service Pack installer times out during installation.

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