How do I migrate AppManager agents from 7.0.4 to 8.x? (NETIQKB73339)

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  • 23-Jan-2012
  • 23-Feb-2012


NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x
NetIQ AppManager 8.x


How do I migrate AppManager agents from 7.0.4 to 8.x?


The following process has been verified to successfully be able to migrate and upgrade AppManager 7.0.4 agents to AppManager 8:

  1. Stop jobs on AM 7.04 Agent and verify that all jobs are stopped.
  2. Update Deployment Web Server name (registry key that will be updated: ­HKLM\Software\NetIQ\AppManager\4.0\AgtShared\DeploymentEndpoint) on each AM 7.04 Agent using the AMAdmin_SetDeploymentWebService.
  3. The following registry key needs to be updated (­HKLM\Software\NetIQ\AppManager\4.0\NetIQmc\Security\AllowMS) with the name of Management Servers in the AppManager 8 environment. You can use the AMAdmin_SetPrimaryMS KS to override existing Magnagement Servers names.
  4. Cold Start the AM 7.04 agent services using ­-oa parameter.  This will ensure that the CMComm table in the local repository is clean.
  5. Execute the netiqctrl listms command on the 7.04 Agent and it should be clean of MS information.
  6. Delete the old Map Queue file located in the following directory by default:    \NetIQ\AppManager\dat\mapque.
  7. Delete the AppManager 7.04 agent from the AppManager 7.04 QDB using the AppManager 7.04 Control Center Console.
  8. Add the AppManager 7.04 agent to the AppMangaer 8 QDB using the Add Agent Wizard via AppManager 8 Control Center console and make sure you select to 'Discover Windows Object Automatically'
  9. Warm Start the AppManager 7.04 agent to force software inventory to be sent to Deployment Web Service.
  10. Verify via the AppMangaer 8 Control Center Console that the AppManager 7.04 Agent has the correct Primary Management Server assigned to it.  If there is a Secondary Management Server, verify that the AppManager 7.04 Agent has been assigned the correct Secondary Managment Server.  Deploy the AMAdmin_SetPrimaryMS KS to update the Primary and Secondary MS information.
  11. Execute netiqctrl listms and verify that the agent is only aware of the existing AppManager 8 QDB.  The command should only return QDB Site information for the existing AppManager 8 QDB
  12. Verify that the AppManager 7.04 Agent has sent Software Inventory to the Deployment Web Service.  This is critical, if there is no Software Inventory, then no deployment Tasks will be created
  13. Create deployment rule to upgrade AppManager 7.04 agent to AppManager 8
  14. Approve task to upgrade agent
  15. Create deployment rule to install the WinOS module
  16. Approve task to install WinOS module.. Since WinOS is installed an NT_Discovery job should be deployed

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