Unable to upgrade Windows Agent using deployment if machine was added via FQDN or IP address. (NETIQKB73330)

  • 7773330
  • 19-Jan-2012
  • 24-Jan-2012


NetIQ AppManager 8.x


A deployment task is not being created for a machine that was Added to the Control Center Console or Operator Console via FQDN or IP address.


To fix this issue you will first need to set the 'Remove software inventory' option in the console.

To Update the 'Remove software inventory' option do the following in Control Center.

  1. Choose Deployment
  2. Click Options in the toolbar
  3. Select Deployment
  4. Select Software Inventory
  5. Set the 'Remove software inventory information after' to 45 Days

If the agent does not have any information in the software inventory, you can try to restart the Client Resource Monitor service to see if this will populate. If the information does not appear within 15 minutes then the agent must be manually updated to the 8.x version.


The software inventory is missing for the agent or is incorrectly linked.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB73330