Win-RT7 jobs that call Citrix login do not work (NETIQKB73288)

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  • 07-Dec-2011
  • 26-Jun-2013


NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x
NetIQ AppManager 8.0
NetIQ AppManager for Windows Response Time


Win-RT7 jobs that call Citrix login do not work.
After upgrading the Citrix Client on the Windows Response Time Proxy system, Win-RT7 jobs stop working.
Windows Response Time jobs that call Citrix start failing after upgrading the Citrix Client on the play-back system.
Cannot get Win-RT7 jobs to successfully call Citrix Client during job execution, works fine during recording and playback.


There are three items that need to be done in order to correct issues where Citrix is being called in a Win-RT7 script, and the logon window is not loading:

  1. You must be running the Citrix Web Plugin on the playback system, you cannot use the Citrix XenApp Plugin for whatever reason, the XenApp client does not work in Win-RT7 jobs (though it seems to work fine in recordings).

  2. When calling Citrix from within the recording, you must call a .ica file via a command line.  Calling the Citrix app directly, and using switches that include the .ica file and path does not work.

  3. As a very first step in the workflow itself, you must call the following command: "C:\Windows\System32\TASKKILL.exe /IM wfcrun32.exe", followed by a wait time of about 10 seconds.

This third item is crucial, in that once this component of Citrix is loaded as a running process on the Agent from which you are running the Win-RT7 job, it never self-terminates on the Agent where the job is running.  The Win-RT7 job needs to load a clean copy of this process on every iteration in order to successfully launch the Citrix Web Client on each iteration.

By killing this process at the very start of the workflow, and allowing the TASKKILL command enough time to actually stop that process from running, it allows the workflow to properly launch a new instance of the WFCRUN32.exe process (via the .ica call in item #2 above) on each iteration of the job.


Without the addition of a TASKKILL step in the beginning of the workflow, the process runs without end, and future attempts to call Citrix (such as in subsequent iterations of the job) will result in nothing loading on the screen.


If you continue to have trouble with the workflow after making these changes, please contact NetIQ Technical Support for further assistance.


The newest Citrix Clients come in two varieties: Citrix XenApp Client, and Citrix Web Client.  Changes in the newer XenApp Client make it impossible for a Win-RT7 script to call the logon screen for the XenApp Client.

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