Where does DRA store the Service Connection Points (SCPs)? (NETIQKB73276)

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  • 17-Nov-2011
  • 17-Nov-2011


Directory & Resource Administrator 8.1x
Directory & Resource Administrator 8.5x
Directory & Resource Administrator 8.6x


Where does DRA store the Service Connection Points (SCPs)?

How does the DRA client locate the DRA Server?

Where does DRA store the list of DRA Servers?

What does DRA use SCPs for?


The list of DRA Servers is stored in a hidden container within AD. The Distinguished Name for this container is: CN=System,CN=DRAserver . Each managed domain will this container listing all DRA Servers that manage that specfic domain.

If DRA is used to manage a specfic computer instead of a Domain, the SCP would be stored under the Computer Object in AD.

To view this container using native Active Directory Users and Computers tool, the user would need to enable Advanced Views.


Each time a user launches ethier the DNC or ARM console, the client will need to query a master list to locate all avaible DRA Servers. Each managed domain in DRA will store a list of DRA servers that manage that Domain.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB73276

Each DRA Server will look into the the DRAServers container to verify its SCP still exists when a Domain Cache Refresh is done. If the SCP does not exist, DRA will recreate it. The DCR runs a scheduale configured on each DRA server, and also runs on a DRA Service restart.