Why does VPC request the SA account credentials for during installation? (NETIQKB73247)

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  • 10-Nov-2011
  • 10-Nov-2011


VigilEnt Policy Center 5.x


Why does VPC request the SA account credentials for during installation?

Why am I prompted for SA credentials during the VPC installation process?

What does VPC use the SA credentials for?

Are the SA credentials used for any process post installation?


If you can not provide the credentials for the SQL SA account, you will need to provide credentials for an account with like permission in SQL.  The account must be able to create databases as well as SQL User Accounts.


During the installation of VigilEnt Policy Center the user is prompted for the credentials of the SQL SA account.  This account is necessary in order to permit the installation program the ability to create the VigilEnt Policy Center Database as well as the SQL Account that is used for day to day communications with the Database.  Once these credentials are provided, they are only used for this purpose and are not saved by the software for any reason.  Day to day operations of VigilEnt Policy Center will use the SQL Access account created by the installer to access and modify the Database going forward.  This account by default is called Vpc_User, but can be modified to a name of your choice during installation.

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