How to apply DRA 8.6 SP1 silently (NETIQKB73230)

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  • 02-Nov-2011
  • 08-Nov-2011


Directory & Resource Administrator 8.6 SP1


How to install DRA 8.6 SP1 for DRA Clients silently

How to install DRA 8.6 SP1 for the Delegation Console silently

How to install DRA 8.6 SP1 for the Account and Resource Management Console silently

How to install DRA 8.6 SP1 for the DRA Console Client Silently


For installing DRA 8.6 SP1 in silent mode, please follow below command:
?<SP1 installer package location>\DRA860_SP1_setup.exe /qn /L*v <Path & File name, to save a Text File for Setup logging>


Some environments may require a batch or scripted install of the DRA 8.6 SP1 update for the Console. When doing a scripted or batch install, it might be necessary to suppress the user dialog boxes.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB73230

The installer will need to be run as an AD user who has Local Administration rights on the OS for which the update is being applied.

When using the Silent install, the switches used for the command a basic Windows Installer Command Line Switches. For more details on those switches, refer to Microsoft's documentation on Windows Installer. See MS KB http:\\

DRA 8.6 SP1 provides an update to Visual C++, which will often times require the clients to reboot. When using a silent install, the user will not see the reboot warning.

For details on how to install the DRA 8.6 Console Silently, please see NETIQKB73229.