Can I migrate production users with a DMA Trial License (NETIQKB73181)

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  • 08-Sep-2011
  • 08-Sep-2011


  • Domain Migration Administrator 7.x
  • Domain Migration Administrator 8.x


Can I migrate production users with a DMA Trial License

Does DMA reset the Migrated User count to 0 when applying a Production License

Does a Production License Replace a Trial License


The production key will overwrite the trial license. DMA will NOT reset the migrated user count to 0. If any users were migrated with the Trial License, they will still be counted as migrated users once the production license is applied. To reset the users migrated count to 0, all previously migrated users will need to be un-migrated; or a new fresh install of DMA will need to be done.


During the initial install of DMA a trial license is installed. This license will give the user the ability to migrate up to 50 users, enabling the user to demo the functionality of the product. Once the user has purchased the product to use the product for production, their sales team will provide them a production license key.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB73181