Enhancements for policy template and security check reports exported in Excel format (NETIQKB73175)

  • 7773175
  • 06-Sep-2011
  • 04-Oct-2011


NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 5.8.2



This Hotfix provides enhancements for policy template and security check reports exported in Excel format. This hotfix enables Secure Configuration Manager to add details
about the security checks in the report when you export the DataView results in Microsoft Excel format. This hotfix improves how Secure Configuration Manager compiles large amounts of data in an exported Microsoft Excel report. If the returned results for an endpoint exceed the maximum number of rows allowed per Excel worksheet, Secure Configuration Manager adds additional worksheets until the Excel file includes all rows of data for the endpoint. The maximum number of rows allowed per worksheet varies by Excel version. For example, Excel 2003 allows fewer rows than Excel 2010.


Download and apply Hotfix 73175 from our website.  This hotfix must be installed on all SCM console machines.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB73175

To distribute a report, you must install a console on the same drive where you installed Secure Configuration Manager Core Services.

To distribute or export a report to Microsoft Excel, you must install Excel on the Core Services computer.


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