Error: SPA cannot connect to the SPA database (NETIQKB73152)

  • 7773152
  • 16-Aug-2011
  • 05-Oct-2011


Secure Password Administrator 1.0


Error: SPA cannot connect to the SPA database

Event ID: 10068
SPA failed to connect to the SQL database using jdbc:inetdae::1433?sql7=true. The following reason was provided: '[TDS Driver]Connection was closed from the SQL Server site or network at header (8)'.

Unable to launch SPA Admin or SPA User site.

Error connecting to SPA database after upgrading SQL to 2005.


To resolve this issue, edit the file located in ...\Program Files\NetIQ\SPA\Config by doing the following:

Change: vigilent.url=jdbc:inetdae:localhost:1433?sql7=true

To: vigilent.url=jdbc:inetdae7 :localhost:1433


The SQL server that the SPA database resides on was upgraded from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB73152