Analysis Center ETL job fails on step 3 (NETIQKB73135)

  • 7773135
  • 09-Aug-2011
  • 10-Aug-2011


Analysis Center 2.7.X


Error message
There was an error with input column "MCMachineName" (97) on input "OLE DB Destination Input" (85). The column status returned was: "The value violated the integrity constraints for the column.". End Error Error: 2011-07-29 02:04:13.97 Code: 0xC0209029 Source: s520 OLE DB Destination [72] Description: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_INDUCEDTRANSFORMFAILUREONERROR. The "input "OLE DB Destination Input" (85)" failed because error code 0xC020907D occurred, and the error row disposition on "input "OLE DB Destination Input" (85)" specifies failure on error. An error occurred on the specified object of the specified component. There may be error messages posted before this with more information about the failure. End Error Error: 2011-07-29 02:04:13.97 Code: 0xC0047022 Source: s520 SSIS.Pipeline Description: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_PROCESSINPUTFAILED.


To resolve this you need to remove any entries in the MachineMNTHistory Name with a NULL Value in the MCMachineName Column.

  1. Run the following Queries against the QDB
  2. SELECT * FROM MachineMNTHistory WHERE MCMachineName is NULL
  3. If any rows are retruned execute the following query
  4. DELETE FROM MachineMNTHistory WHERE MCMachineName is NULL
  5. Rerun the ETL Job


This issue is caused because of a NULL value being returned from the MachineMNTHistory Table in the MCMachineName Value.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB73135