Exchange 2007 Discovery Error: Failed to instantiate the Powershell host client, MCPSHostClient (NETIQKB73093)

  • 7773093
  • 12-Jul-2011
  • 12-Jul-2011


NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x
NetIQ WinOS 7.x module
NetIQ Exchange 2007 7.x module


Exchange 2007 Discovery Error

Failed to instantiate the PowerShell host client, MCPSHostClient.

AppManager for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is not installed in this host.:

Error Number: 0x1AD
Description: ActiveX component can't create object


Either register the MCPSHostClient.dll manually or run the Discovery_NT, which should register the PowerShellHost.DLL.

You can register it manually by running the following on the Agent machine:

  • regasm MCPSHostClient.dll /codebase

Youc an verify that it has been registered by the creation of the following registry key:



When the NetIQ WinOS module is installed on an agent it installs the PowerShellHost but does not register MCPSHostClient.dll.  Instead the registration of the DLL is done as part of the NT Discovery process.  If you install the WinOS module and don't run an Discovery_NT job to register the PowerShellHost and then install the Exchange 2007 module and try to discover Exchange, it will fail.  The reason for this is that as part of the Exchange 2007 module installation it also will try to install the PowerShellHost, but if it sees the DLLs already there (same version or newer) it skips the installation.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB73093