I see messages containing 'INSUFFICIENT_DISKSPACE' in syslog local4 from uagent (NETIQKB73068)

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  • 29-Jun-2011
  • 29-Jun-2011


NetIQ 7.1 UNIX Agent


I see the following message in syslog local4:

uagentd.c: failed opening file [../vsau/local/cache/INSUFFICIENT_DISKSPACE]: No such file or directory
Closing connection for sending file [../vsau/local/cache/INSUFFICIENT_DISKSPACE]


There are two solutions that will prevent this cosmetic message:

  1. Hotfix 72654 includes an agent patch: vsau71_p24 that will update the uagent on the remote machine.  The new uagent will respect the PSDBGLVL setting in /etc/vsaunix.cfg and will stop logging if it is set to 0.  It will also honor a new setting in /etc/vsaunix.cfg called AGENTFACILITY that accepts a number between 0 and 7 that let you control what facility it logs to
  2. Should the end user not want to patch all their agents, they can edit the file unix/local/host/parameters in the UAM installation home and add the line ?lowdisk=false? (and restart UAM).  This will turn off the step in the background scanner that will check for the low disk file on the remote machine and prevent the message from occurring.


This error message is only cosmetic and does not indicate any space-related problems.

A feature was added into detectd that would cause it to spin down its functionality in the event that disk space was running low on the system.  This was in response to customers having issues with detectd filling up the filesystem.  To support this feature two things were added.  One was a new configuration setting in /etc/vsaunix.cfg that would configure at what level of diskspace the detectd process would enter the state.  The second was to create an empty file named INSUFFICIENT_DISKSPACE in the vsau/local/cache directory when the detectd agent actually entered this state.

It was decided later that adding a new table status within the UNIX Agent Manager for the detect agent where it would display the low disk status of the agent would be a positive product enhancement. However, checking for a file that doesn't exist causes a warning message to appear... the message documented above can be seen in syslog local4.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB73068