How do I verify the DRA registry settings for ADAM? (NETIQKB73033)

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  • 08-Jun-2011
  • 03-Nov-2011


Directory & Resource Administrator 8.5
Directory & Resource Administrator 8.5 SP1
Directory & Resource Administrator 8.6
Directory & Resource Administrator 8.6 SP1


How do I verify the DRA registry settings for ADAM?

What DRA Registry settings show the ADAM / ADLS configuration?

How to verify ADAM / ADLS is configured correctly from the windows registry


  1. Connect to the Windows Console of the DRA Server as the DRA Service Account
  2. Open the Windows Registry
  3. Navigate to the following base folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node <** Note: This is ONLY on X64 based OS**>\Mission Critical Software\OnePoint\Administration\Modules\ServerConfiguration\ADAMConfiguration
  4. The following REG_DWORD Values should be set to 1:
    • ADAMInstallationFlag
    • InstanceCreationFlag
    • AQSchemaExtensionsFlag
    • VASchemaExtensionsFlag
    • RootContainersFlag
    • AQSchemaExtensionVASupportFlag
    • SHConfigRootContainersFlag
    • SHConfigSchemaExtensionsFlag
    • LastLogonSchemaExtensionsFlag -- This key is specific to DRA 8.6 SP1
  5. The following key value should match the name of a Windows Service & Component in Add / Remove Programs:
    • InstanceName







When DRA configures the ADAM / ADLS instance, certain "flags" related to this are stored in the windows registry. The DRA Delegation Console will read these values and display the status in the GUI.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB73033

No changes to these values should be made without first contacting NetIQ Technical Support. For more information on how to manually create an ADAM / ADLS instance prior to DRA 8.6 SP1, please see KB: NETIQKB72804