cannot install an msi file logged on as an administrator on a 2008 OS (NETIQKB73027)

  • 7773027
  • 07-Jun-2011
  • 15-Jun-2011



Security manager 6.x


installation fails when trying to Install a NetIQ application, service pack, or hot fix using a .msi or .msp file.


Launch the command prompt window (cmd.exe) by right-clicking and selecting "Run as administrator".  That gives the command prompt window the Trusted Installer permission, which even the local administrator account doesn't have if UAC is turned on.  Once the command prompt window is opened with that permission level, anything that is run from it runs as the logged on user but with the elevated permission.  Now within the command prompt window the next step is to navigate to the folder containing the MSI and then launch it.

A second method for running the .msi is running as the administrator account using the following command. However this method requires knowing the administrator password.

runas /user:administrator "msiexec /i c:\netiq\install_file.msi?


On 2008 operating systems the user can be in the local administrators group but still not have the same permissions as the actual administrator account.  If that is the case, the install will fail.  For most setup files E.g. setup.exe the user can right click and choose "run as administrator".  However  for .msi and .msp files that option is not available.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB73027