Control Center Hotfix 73020 (NETIQKB73020)

  • 7773020
  • 07-Jun-2011
  • 04-Jan-2012


NetIQ AppManager Control Center 7.0.x


Stored Procedure Task_hourly Is Not Deleting Entries from MPropertyValueString in QDB
Stored Procedures Updated Automatically When Connecting CCDB
Deployment Service Attempting to Deploy to Unavailable Computers
Deployment Service Hangs
Deployment Service Hangs with Deployment Tasks in an Active State
Deployment Service Tasks Remain in an Active State
Operation Requires RefreshMonitoringPolicyPermission Permissions
Problems with Security Roles and the Chart Console
Exported Service Map Views Do Not Include Filters
Command Queue Service Stops Unexpectedly
Deleting Groups or Permission Sets From a Management Group Causes Database Errors
Duplicate Entries in ParameterOverride Table
Unable to Log On to Control Center With Certain Accounts
Certain Charts No Longer Working in AppManager 7.x
AMAdmin_DeleteExpiredReports Knowledge Script Fails
Buffer Overrun Error When Logging in to Chart Console
Size of Report Graphs Incorrect After Upgrading from AppManager 6.x to AppManager 7.x
Control Center Column Settings Not Saved
Replication and Propagation Commands Remain "In Process" Until Restart of CQS
Deployment Tasks Never Created
Deployment Rules and Packages Do Not Display in Control Center Console
Deployment Service Errors
Import Option for Manage Security Fails in Control Center on a Clustered SQL Server
SQL Server Module Upgrade Fails
Incorrect Deployment Notifications Received
Server Status Inconsistent Between Operator Console and Control Center Console
Custom Console Menu Extensions Not Working Correctly
Control Center Fails to Import Windows User Accounts
Deployment Service Hangs After a Stop Command
Action Knowledge Scripts Fail When Computer Name is Longer than 15 Characters
Cannot Display All Available Action Knowledge Scripts When Updating a Job or Knowledge Script
Error When Accessing Properties of Policy Jobs in Control Center
Error When Looking Up Value for Counter in General_Counter Knowledge Script
General_Counter Knowledge Script Fails
Unable to Create Custom Properties for Virtual SQL Servers


These issues are all resolved in Hotfix 73020 for NetIQ AppManager Control Center.  To correct these issues, please download a copy of this Hotfix from the AppManager Hotfixes page online, and install the Hotfix using the instructions provided within the Readme file within the Hotfix bundle.

Previous Releases

This Hotfix replaces all of the following previous releases:

Hotfix 71949 [November 04, 2010]

For more information about the issues resolved with this hotfix, see NetIQ Knowledge Base article NETIQKB71949.

Hotfix 71781 [May 24, 2010]

This hotfix replaces Hotfix 71769 and resolves an issue where Control Center no longer displays deployment tasks after you apply Hotfix 71769. (ENG289371)

Hotfix 71769 [May 11, 2010]

This hotfix resolves an issue where the Control Center server view does not display the new top level cluster objects introduced in the AppManager for Windows version 7.6. For more information about these new objects, see the AppManager for Microsoft Windows Management Guide. (ENG287374)

Hotfix 71647 [August 18, 2009]

This hotfix replaced hotfixes 71468, 71611, and 71635 and resolved an issue where new charts are empty after you apply Hotfix 71635. (ENG273779)

Hotfix 71635 [July 27, 2009]

This hotfix replaced Hotfix 71611 and resolved the following Control Center issues:

  • Resolved an issue where the Deployment Service fails to create tasks to deploy agent hotfix installation packages. (ENG271813)
  • Resolved an issue where the Proxy Deployment Service fails after you apply >Hotfix 71611 because the hotfix does not include an updated
  • ProxyDeploymentWebService.dll file. When you try to deploy packages by proxy, Control Center displays the following message (ENG273368):

Method not found:'Void DeploymentCore.Data.IDataStore.CreateTasksForRule(System.String, System.String, System.String)'

Additional Hotfixes

This hotfix also replaces the following previous hotfixes:

Hotfix 71611 [July 16, 2009]
Hotfix 71468 [June 11, 2009]
Hotfix 71408 [March 2009]
Hotfix 71365 [January 2009]
Hotfix 71323 [December 12, 2008]

System Requirements

This hotfix has the following requirements:

  • Hotfix 72040 installed on all AppManager repository (QDB) computers. This hotfix is not required if you have already installed the AppManager Platform Update.
  • Hotfix 72840 installed on any Operator Console computer where you have also installed the Control Center console.
  • Hotfix 73019 installed on any Web Console computer where you have also installed the Control Center console.
  • Hotfix 72616 installed on any agent computer where you have also installed any Control Center component.
  • If you have installed Hotfix 72616, Hotfix 72840, or Hotfix 73018 on any Control Center computer, AppManager for Windows module version installed on each QDB and agent computer. For more information, see Knowledge Base article 73101.

Contents of the Download Package

The download package contains the following files, which are used by the hotfix setup program unless otherwise noted:

  • AM704_HF73020_Setup.exe, the hotfix setup program.
  • BaseInstall.dll
  • MFC71u.dll
  • msvcp71.dll
  • msvcr71.dll
  • Patch.ini
  • AM704_ReadMe73020.htm, this readme.
  • Setup Files, a folder that contains the following files:
    • AM704_HF73020_CCSetup.exe, the Control Center setup program. The hotfix setup program automatically runs this file to update Control Center.
    • AM704_HF73020_CCDBSetup.exe, the Control Center repository (CCDB) setup program. This file can perform either a local or remote CCDB update.
    • atl71.dll
    • ckCC_Console.exe
    • ckCC_CQS.exe
    • ckCC_DB.exe
    • ckCC_DeploymentService.exe
    • ckCC_DeploymentWebService.exe
    • PreInstAPI.dll

Installing This Hotfix

This hotfix includes executables to update the Control Center repository (CCDB) and Control Center:

  • AM704_HF73020_CCDBSetup.exe updates the CCDB. You can run the setup program locally from the CCDB computer or remotely from another computer.
  • AM704_HF73020_CCSetup.exe updates Control Center, including the command queue service, Deployment Service, and Deployment Web Service. You must run the setup program locally on each Control Center computer.

To install this hotfix:

  1. Close all Control Center consoles.
  2. Stop the command queue service for the CCDB. The command queue service can be on the same computer as the repository or a different computer.
    • To update a local or remote CCDB, run AM704_HF73020_CCDBSetup.exe in the folder Setup Files.
    • To install this hotfix to a clustered CCDB, run AM704_HF73020_CCDBSetup.exe from any node in the cluster or from a remote computer. Enter the SQL virtual server name in the SQL Server Name field and the SQL virtual server Control Center repository name in the Repository field.  You do not need to fail over the cluster for the hotfix installation. Any changes to cluster nodes that are offline during the installation are automatically propagated when the nodes are online.
  3. Run AM704_HF73020_CCSetup.exe on all computers where AppManager version 7.0.4 Control Center is installed.

The PATCH.log file lists all changes and problems encountered during the installation process. The Windows installer log file, AM704_HF73020_CCSetup.exe.log, lists only the changes associated with the hotfix installation. By default, these files are located in the \NetIQ\Temp\NetIQ_Debug folder.


To complete the installation of this hotfix, you may need to restart the computer where the Control Center console is installed. This occurs when files are in use by the operating system that need to be overwritten by the installation. If a restart is not acceptable during production hours, plan the installation for a non-production time period.


These issues are a culmination of multiple known problems within the Control Center component, and its sub-components.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB73020

Known Issues

NetIQ Corporation strives to ensure our products provide quality solutions for your enterprise software needs. The following issue is currently being researched. If you need further assistance, please contact Technical Support.

When installing this hotfix on a Windows Server 2008 computer with the AppManager Platform Update and Deployment Service installed in proxy mode, the hotfix installation stops unexpectedly with the following error:

Command line parameters:
/L language ID
/S Hide initialization dialog. For silent mode use: /S

This error is caused by an incorrect entry in the registry that occurs on Windows Server 2008 computers. You can resolve this issue by modifying the incorrect registry key. (ENG311313)


Be careful when editing your Windows registry. If there is an error in your registry, your computer may become nonfunctional. If an error occurs, you can restore the registry to the state when you last successfully started your computer. For more information, see the Help for the Windows Registry Editor.

To resolve this issue:

  1. On the computer where you installed the Deployment Service, start the Windows Registry Editor.
  2. In the left pane, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NetIQ\AppManager\Control Center\1.0\CCDB.
  3. In the right pane, double-click the WindowsAuthName registry key.
  4. Edit the WindowsAuthName registry key to include both the domain name and computer name rather than only the domain name. For example, change domainname\ to domainname\username.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Restart the Deployment Service.
  7. Re-run the Hotfix 73020 installer to complete the hotfix installation.

Modified Files

This hotfix modifies the following binary files on all CCDB computers:

AMCCAPI.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
AMChart.ocx (Build Number
AMChartHost.OCX (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
AMChartWiz.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
AMLayout.dll (Build Number
AutoDeploymentUIExtension.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
AutoDeployWebServiceInstaller.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
DeploymentCore.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
DeploymentTechLib.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
NetIQGraphics.exe (Build Number
NQAMDrv.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
NQCCDBDRV.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
NQCCJobProperties.ocx (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
NQCCJobs.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
NQCCKS.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
NQCCMain.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
NQCCServers.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
NQCCServiceMap.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
NQCCShared.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
NQCCUtils.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
NQCQS.exe (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
NQJobPropertiesCtrl.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
NQRPLib.dll (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
Perflib.exe (Build Number 7.0.41043.0)
RSCpackage.exe (Build Number

This hotfix modifies the following stored procedures in the CCDB: