Execute Process with Context not saving Wait for Process to Finish setting. (NETIQKB72961)

  • 7772961
  • 11-May-2011
  • 02-Sep-2011


NetIQ Aegis 2.2


When using the Execute Process with Context activity, the check box to Wait for Process to Finish is checked by default. If this option is unchecked and saved, and then the activity is reopened, the Wait for Process to Finish box is automatically checked again. If the activity is not reopened after being saved, the sub-process will execute and the parent process will wait until it is completed before proceeding with the remainder of the parent process.


To address this issue please apply NetIQ Aegis Hotfix 72998.

To manully work around this issue until the hotfix can be applied, see the steps below.

To manually fix the activity library:

  1. From the main Aegis Configuration Console, click on the link in the upper-right corner which says ?Create/Modify Activity Libraries? .
  2. In the Options menu, enable Developer Mode.
  3. From the Basic Workflow Activities activity library, drag the ?Task? activity onto the Process Design grid.
  4. On the General tab:
    • Change the Name to ?Execute Process with Context?.
    • Change the Description to ?Launch a work item for a different process with the ability to pass values from the current process into custom attributes of the called process.  Returns a result passed by the called processes.?.
    • Under Image, expand ?Category: Process and Workflow? then click the icon labeled ?Process?.
  5. On the Module tab, select the Module Name drop-down, expand ?Category: Process/Workflow? then choose ?Execute Process with Context?.
  6. Click OK to close the activity and ignore the warning error.
  7. In the Basic Workflow Control (NetIQ) activity library, delete the existing ?Execute Process with Context? activity.
  8. Then, drag the activity from the Process Design grid into the activity library.
  9. From the ribbon bar, choose Save Library then close the Workflow Designer.

To fix an affected process:

  1. Clone a new revision or open an editable revision of the process affected.
  2. Delete the current ?Execute Process with Context? activity that is having issues.
  3. Save the process and ignore the validation error
  4. Drag the updated activity from the activity library and reconnect and reconfigure as needed.


This issue has been identified by NetIQ and a solution is currently in progress to address this behavior.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72961