AD Group List only returns one group. (NETIQKB72944)

  • 7772944
  • 26-Apr-2011
  • 23-May-2011


NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 5.8

NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 5.8.2

NetIQ Security Agent for Windows 5.8.1


AD Group List for account only returns the Domain Users group and no other groups.


To resolve this issue run the AD Group List for Account report and input the user's full name as displayed in Active Directory Users and Computers.  The description for this parameter in the AD Group List for Account security check has been updated and can be obtained by running Autosync. Run Autosync to download and apply Security Checks for Active Directory, SQL Server, and Windows (May 2011)


The input parameter was input incorrectly and did not meet the parameter requirements which caused the report to return inaccurate data.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72944