What languages are supported for Group Policy Administrator 6.2? (NETIQKB72889)

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  • 30-Mar-2011
  • 11-Apr-2011


  • Group Policy Administrator 6.2


What language versions of Windows does Group Policy Administrator (GPA) support?


  • Group Policy Administrator (GPA) is supported on the English language versions of Windows.
  • Group Policy Administrator (GPA) will only operate properly on English instances of the Microsoft SQL Server.

Since GPA utilizes the Programming Interfaces provided by Microsoft Group Policy Management Tools, GPA will adapt to the language of the localized version of GPMC installed. All reports within GPA will be displayed in the regional language settings of the OS. The menus, dialog boxes and other User Interfaces are not localized. However, the UI portion of GPA has been fully tested on English, Japanese, German and Spanish language versions of Windows.

Additional Information

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