How to remove Intrusion Manager for Windows processing rule group (NETIQKB72863)

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  • 11-Mar-2011
  • 11-Mar-2011


Security Manager 6.x



Intrusion Manager for Windows is a processing rule group from an older version of Security Manager. If a fresh install of 6.5x is done this module will not be available. However if the Security Manager version has been upgraded from 6.x versions, it is possible that this module will still be around with old rules. If Intrusion Manager for Windows is enabled in a 6.5x environment, it could cause problems due to the old rules.


  1. Download CGW2.0.4 and double click to expand the install files, then browse to full\modules\intrusion manager for windows.nqm
  2. Place intrusion manager for windows.nqm on the local drive of a machine that has the Control Center installed
  3. Go to development console
  4. Right click the intrusion manager for windows module
  5. Choose export custom module
  6. Browse to where you want to save it and click OK.
    Note: the export process is done as part of the cleanup, there is no need to retain the exported .akm file.
  7. Now open the module installer
  8. Check the "local network" box and browse to where you copied the intrusion manager for windows.nqm
  9. Now check the box in the "installed and available modules" window for intrusion manager for windows.
  10. Click the install button.
  11. Once the install is complete, go to the development console and expand the "Intrusion manager for windows (legacy) (disabled)" PRG to insure it has no rules in it. The PRG will still be there but it should be disabled and empty.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72863