Removing an orphaned agent from the database (NETIQKB72862)

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  • 11-Mar-2011
  • 11-Mar-2011


Security Manager 6.x


Sometimes computers are decommissioned without first removing the Security Manager agent. This type of agent is referred to as an orphaned agent because it still has an entry in the one point database and still shows up in the infrastructure component view but does not actually exist on the network. If the computer where the agent was installed has been decommissioned than the agent can no longer be uninstalled normally. Below are instructions on how to delete an orphaned agent.


  1. Open agent administrator by going to the control center\tasks\launch agent administrator
  2. Go to agent summary\agent summary view
  3. Locate the agent that needs to removed, if the delete button is available simply highlight and delete the agent.  Now apply and save the changes while closing agent administrator.  Continue to step 4 if the delete button is not available.
  4. Highlight the agent and go to the uninstall button and click pending.  Now apply and save the changes while closing agent administrator.
  5. Open the development console and go to configuration\pending agents\uninstallation.
  6. Locate the agent\right click\tasks\mark as uninstalled.  This will make Security Manager think the agent has been uninstalled.
  7. Now repeat steps 1 through 3.  The delete button should now be available.
  8. After deleting the agent apply and save the changes while closing agent administrator.
  9. Go to the infrastructure components agents view to confirm that it is no longer showing in the view.


A computer containing a Security Manager agent was decommisioned without first uninstalling the agent.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72862