How do I install an Aegis 2.1 adapter in Aegis 2.2, 2.3, or 3.0? (NETIQKB72850)

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  • 09-Mar-2011
  • 12-Oct-2012


NetIQ Aegis 3.0
NetIQ Aegis 2.3
NetIQ Aegis 2.2
Microsoft System Center Operations Manager adapter for NetIQ Aegis
NetIQ Security Manager adapter for NetIQ Aegis


When installing an Aegis adapter released prior to April 2011 on a new installation of NetIQ Aegis 2.2, 2.3, or 3.0, the installation will fail or the Adapter will not function properly.


To install any Aegis adapter released prior to April 2011, follow the process below.  The NetIQ Aegis Adapter for AppManager and the NetIQ Aegis Adapter for Security Manager have additional steps, described further down in this article.
  1. If UAC enabled, disable the UAC or run the installer as administrator.
  2. If UAC disabled, just run the installer.
  3. Run batch files:

    1. Open a command prompt and go to C:\Program Files\NetIQ\Aegis\IQConnect73\bin
    2. Run this command:

      CopySpecificAdapterFiles.bat<adapter file name>

      For example: CopySpecificAdapterFiles.bat AMAdapterFileList.txt

      This should copy .dll files required for running activities into IQConnect73\bin from IQConnect\bin


Post-Install Steps for NetIQ Aegis Adapter for NetIQ Security Manager 1.2

After you install IQSM 1.2, Aegis will not be able to connect to the Security Manager server. Follow the process below:

  1. Delete value of password for one of the profiles under IQSM (go to "....\NetIQ\AegisIQConnect\providers\IQSM\ConfigurationGroups\<SM server machine name#>instance name>#OnePoint>\<SM server machine name>").
  2. Open the "Aegis configuration utility" and renter the correct SM password and click Exit. This will save the password and run a re-encryption tool to encrypt the password correctly in the registry.
  3. Open a administrator command prompt and go to "....netiq\aegis\iqconnect73\bin" (commonly:  "c:\program files\netiq\aegis\iqconnect73\bin").
    Execute this command ReencryptPasswordsWithCerts.exe -f RegistryKeys_IQSM.txt.

              (This will also reencrypt the registry correctly)

  4. After run the command ‘CopySpecificAdapterFiles.bat <adapter file name>’ we need to restart the follow services:
    • 'NetIQ Aegis Namespace Provider’ service (which restarts the ‘NetIQ Aegis Activity Broker’ and ‘NetIQ Aegis Engine’ services)
    • ‘NetIQ Aegis Namespace Provider (pre 2.2)’ service.


Post-Install Steps for NetIQ Aegis Adapter for NetIQ AppManager 1.5:

  1. Use the Adapter Configuration Utility to enter the QDB configuration settings.
  2. Open a command line prompt as Administrator.
  3. Change directories to Program Files\NetIQ\Aegis\IQConnect73\Bin directory, execute the following command:

    iqrm_add_mgmt_service.exe -add -pgServiceID __AEGIS_SERVICE_MAP__  -name "AppManager QDB Adapter" -oldName "AppManager QDB Adapter" -displayName "AppManager Adapter" -   description "AppManager Adapter"  -provider IQAM -host <Fully Qualified Hostname> -port 2220  -isAegisDataSource true -event IQAM_Event -updateEvent  IQAM_StateChangeEvent -event IQAM_JobFinishedEvent -event  IQAM_JobCanceledEvent -event IQAM_DeploymentTaskStateChangeEvent

  4. Close all NetIQ Aegis Consoles.
  5. Stop all NetIQ Aegis Services.
  6. Download the attached Resolution Document from the knowledge base article and save it locally on to the Aegis Server that that AppManager adapter has been installed on, and extract the file.
  7. In Windows explorer; browse to Program Files\NetIQ\Aegis\IQConnect73\bin directory. 
  8. Copy all of the .dll files in to the Program Files\NetIQ\Aegis\IQConnect73\bin directory not including the pgapps folder.   (These should be NetIQAppManager_1_0, _1_1, _1_2 and _1_3 dlls and pdbs)
  9. Copy the contents of the pgapps folder from the extracted attachment in to the Program Files\NetIQ\Aegis\IQConnect73\pgapps folder
  10. Restart the NetIQ Aegis Services.
  11. Restart the NetIQ Aegis Consoles.

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