How to do you configure the data retention period for DRA Logarchival Data? (NETIQKB72814)

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  • 16-Feb-2011
  • 03-Oct-2013


Directory & Resource Administrator 8.5.x
Directory & Resource Administrator 8.6.x
Directory & Resource Administrator 8.7


Each DRA Server has a local Log Archive Server. The LAS is used to store the local DRA server's audit data. This data contains a record of all DRA activities done on a specific DRA Server. By default DRA LAS is configured to never groom this data. When the size of the Log Archive Data grows too large, it can consume disk space and also in some cases prevent executing Right Click reports in DRA.


To view or change the DRA Log Archive Server data retention settings:Log onto each DRA server

  1. Log-on Locally to each DRA Server Windows OS Console as a Local Administrator
  2. Click on Start/All Programs/NetIQ Security Manager/Configuration/Log Archive Configuration Utility
  3. Once the Log Archive Configuration Utility is launched, click on Log Archive Server Settings
  4. Under Grooming, the setting Number of Days before Grooming will display the current retention period.
    • The Default value is 90 days. This value controls how long each DRA Server retains its Audit Data in the LAS.
  5. Under Grooming, the setting Partition Grooming Enabled controls whether or not the DRA Server LAS will delete data older than the Number of Data before Grooming value.
  6. Click Close to exit or Apply/Close to save changes.
  7. Do NOT restart the LAS Service Yet
Enable DRA Log Archive Server to groom unarchived data:
  1. Log-on Locally to each DRA Server Windows Console as a member of the Local Administrators Group
  2. Open the following file in Notepad or other Text Editor -- C:\ProgramData\NetIQ\Directory Resource Administrator\LogArchiveConfiguration.config
  3. Locate this line in the "LogArchiveConfiguration.config" file:
    • <Property name="GroomUnarchivedData" value="false" />
  4. Change "false to "true"
  5. Save and close the LogArchiveConfiguration.config file
  6. Restart the NetIQ DRA LogArchive Service

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72814

By default the DRA Log Archive Server will look at the folder / file attribute -- "File is ready for archiving". If this value is CHECKED, the LAS will NOT groom data. This value is typically changed when a file backup application has successfully backed up a file or folder. If the backup application does NOT uncheck the value, or there is no backup application; see the steps in  
Once this data has been groomed, you will no longer be able to run right click reports against this data. The folders that have been groomed can be copied back into the original location again if reporting against that data set is needed. If a folder that has been groomed from the DRA LogArchiveData folder is manually copied back into the original location, it will not be automatically groomed out again. You will need to manually groom the folders after they are no longer needed. It is NOT recommended to manually groom any other folders from the DRA LogArchiveData folder. The proper way to clear up space within that folder, is to use the steps above.