Changing the timeout for the processing of files in the Qreport. (NETIQKB72787)

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  • 31-Jan-2011
  • 24-Oct-2013


NetIQ Security Manager 6.5.4


The qreport directory is used as a temporary holding area for UNIX and iSeries data waiting to be processed. Once the data is processed the files containing the data are deleted from the qreport directory. UNIX and iSeries boxes are known for sending an unusually large amount of data and if for some reason the data is not processed out in a timely manner, the customer could run into disk space issues. One workaround is to change the timeout setting so that Security Manager takes more than the default of 1 hour to process the data.


To change the processing timeout of the files in the qreport folder add a new line to the mk.options file. 


1. On the Central Computer go to program files\NetIQ Security Manager\One Point\mk.options  (Use notepad and backup the original file before modifying it).

2. Open the mk.options file add the new line E.g. logreceiver/waitTimeout=10800000 (the timeout in milliseconds, so 10800000 is actually 5 hours).

3. Restart the Security Manager and Core services on the Central Computer.

4. If needed repeat steps 1 thru 3 on any additional Central computers that are processing UNIX or iSeries archival data.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72787