What are the best practices to host AppManager within a VM environment? (NETIQKB72785)

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  • 31-Jan-2011
  • 03-Nov-2011


AppManager Enterprise 7.x


What are the best practices to host AppManager Enterprise within a VM environment?


While NetIQ fully supports AppManager Enterprise deployed within VM environments, several cautions must be keep in mind...

  • Multiple core AppManager virtual systems on one physical VM host are limited to the virtualization capibilities of the physical VM host.
  • Pay close attention to the available disk throughput of the physical VM host, AppManager is a disk I/O intensive product and can receive very large amounts of data from a large number of systems which will need to be processed quickly. (Especially in Performance Profiler (AMPP) environments).
  • It is recommended to not place all of your production AppManager Enterprise infrastructure on one physical VM host.
  • Customers implementing AppManager within virtual environments are likely to see performance issues if done improperly.

Additional Information

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For additional information on implementing AppManager core infrastructure within Virtual Machines,  please see the AppManager Enterprise Installation guide, Appendix F. Our professional services team can also assit in designing and implementing a VM hosted AppManager Enterprise environment.