Control Center Service Pack is failing preinstallation check with inetinfo.exe version error (NETIQKB72701)

  • 7772701
  • 02-Dec-2010
  • 02-Dec-2010


NetIQ AppManager 7.x
NetIQ AppManager Control Center 7.0.1
Microsoft Windows 2003 R2
Microsoft Internet Information Server 6.0


Control Center Service pack is failing preinstallation check with inetinfo.exe version error
When attempting to install the Control Center Service Pack to upgrade control center from version 7.0.1 to version 7.0.4 the pre-installation check fails stating that the 'inetinfo.exe version is not the same version as the OS service pack version'


The Control Center Service Pack pre-installation check looks at the last modified date on the inetinfo.exe in order to determine if it is the correct service pack version. When IIS is installed in the manner described above the last modified date is changed to the date of the IIS installation instead of the modified date of the inetinfo.exe that is in the service pack.

In order to remedy this issue, IIS will need to be uninstalled, reinstalled, and the windows service pack immediately applied. This will bring all files and their modified dates to the correct version and date so that the Control Center preinstallation check can proceed.


The windows service pack was installed prior to IIS being installed and the windows installation media was used to install IIS. Then the windows service pack was re-applied to update IIS but not all IIS files were properly updated. The inetinfo.exe may even show that it is the correct version for the service pack.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72701

If the current version of IIS contains your Deployment Web Service, this will need to be reinstalled after IIS is updated to the correct Windows service pack version before you can proceed in installing the Control Center service pack.