Remote Request Management (RRM) Security Checks for iSeries - November 2010 (NETIQKB72656)

  • 7772656
  • 01-Nov-2010
  • 22-Nov-2010


NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 5.8


Need reporting on RRM data in SCM.
Would like to have checks for RRM data in SCM.
Need RRM data in SCM.


Run the Autosync wizard to download and apply the Remote Request Management (RRM) Security Checks for iSeries - November 2010

The following checks are released in the "Remote Request Management (RRM) Security Checks for iSeries - November 2010" package:

1. All RRM Calenders

2. All RRM Collected Entries

3. All RRM Defaults

4. All RRM Exit Point Settings

5. All RRM Network Groups

6. All RRM Operation Groups

7. All RRM Remote Object Authority

8. All RRM Secured Entries

9. All RRM User Groups

10. DDM Request Access - last month

11. Data Queue Optimized Server Request - last month

12. Data Queue Original Server Request - last month

13. Database Server Request - last month

14. FTP Logon and Server Requests - last month

15. File Server Request - last month

16. Network Print Server Entry Request - last month

17. Network Printer Spooled File Request - last month

18. Original Virtual Print Server Database Server Request - last month

19. RRM Collection Monitor - ACTIVE

20. RRM Check - RRM Customer Exits Installed

21. RRM Default *PUBLIC Rule

22. RRM Exit Points NOT in Secure Mode

23. RRM Objects - Current Month

24. RRM Objects - Last Month

25. RRM Transaction Logging On

26. RRM Transactions - Current Month

27. RRM Transactions - Last Month

28. RRM Unsecured Entries

29. Remote Command/Distributed Program Call Server Requests - Last Month

30. Remote SQL Server Requests - Last Month

31. TCP Signon Server Requests - Last Month

32. Transfer Function Server Requests - Last Month

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72656

To use the checks in this Autosync package, you must first have Group PTF G1C04002 installed on the iSeries agent and hotfix 71395 installed on the SCM console.