Permission report shows data skewed and doesnt match the column headers. (NETIQKB72589)

  • 7772589
  • 21-Sep-2010
  • 19-Jan-2012


NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 5.8.1

NetIQ Security Agent for Windows 5.8.1


Running a report for permissions returns the results in the wrong columns.


Run the Autosync wizard and obtain the latest version of checks to ensure you have the most recent configuration.  Also ensure that you have applied hotfi 72517 and hotfix 72509 to resolve the original issue.


Changes were made to the way the Windows_FileDirACE object functions to resolve an issue.  Executing a non-updated check against an updated agent can return data that does not get placed in the correct location.  Also an updated check being run against a non-updated windows agent can also cause similar results.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72589

This content hotfix 72589 enhances the File or directory access control (ACE) objects in NetIQ security checks