Windows OS module scripts starting and stopped WMI services. (NETIQKB72586)

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  • 17-Sep-2010
  • 18-Oct-2010


NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x



Windows OS module scripts starting and stopped WMI services.


In the current WinOS module the NQPerfProvider has the issue above fixed so that when counter operations are completed NQPerfProvider successfully unloads.  When that occurs, Windows sees the performance libraries are no longer required and it stops the WMI service.  Older versions of the NQPerfProvider that still contained the bug will fail to unload, causing Windows to leave the WMI service running.  Since the service stays running you do not see the Service Control Event Log entry indicating multiple service starts and stops.

One way you can avoid seeing these Service Control messages is by setting the WMI service to Automatic.   
Another way to avoid these messages would be to modify the logging configuration to prevent Service Control messages. 

There is not a way to control this on a per service level, so the change would affect the logging of Service Control messages for all services.

NetIQ discourages rolling back to an older WinOS module where NQPerfProvider still contains the issue. As noted in the statement from the readme included in the latest WinOS module, doing so could lead to excessive handle and memory usage affecting system performance.

The latest WinOS module release ( addresses an issue with the NQPerfProvider process not stopping.  The readme states:

NQPerfProvider never stops. This release resolves an issue in which the NQPerfProvider process never stops, even when not in use, causing excessive handle and memory usage. With this release, a code change forces all instances of the NQPerfProvider process to stop when not in use.


The NQPerfProvider process is responsible for querying Windows for performance counter metrics.  It was designed to stop when not in use but due to the issue noted above it fails to unload.  The issue with WMI starting and stopping each time a Knowledge Script iterates is a side effect of fixing this issue.  When NQPerfProvider loads it makes a Windows call to load performance libraries.  These libraries include WMI libraries and Windows starts the WMI service. 


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