Error when trying to add DataSource to Analysis Center Console (NETIQKB72538)

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  • 18-Aug-2010
  • 18-Aug-2010


NetIQ Analysis Center 2.7.5


Error when trying to add DataSource to Analysis Center Console
** Error [NetIQETL] EXCEPTION System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: An object or column name is missing or empty. For SELECT INTO statements, verify each column has a name. For other statements, look for empty alias names. Aliases defined as "" or [] are not allowed. Add a name or single space as the alias name.
Create Data Source Data Mart failed during creating and connecting to data mart database


In the 'Add Data Source Wizard', when selecting the values for the Data Mart you must either use the 'Default database file location' along with the 'Default database log file location' parameters or you must specify both.  You are not able to use the Default option for 1 file and specify a location for the other.


When entering parameters for the Data Mart of a new Data Source in Analysis Center, you can not mix the physical locations of the Data Mart database file and log.  Either both have to be declared or both have to use default location as defined by SQL Server.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72538


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