Problems with retreiveAIXctr on AIX in 7.1 (NETIQKB72498)

  • 7772498
  • 29-Jul-2010
  • 12-Aug-2010


NetIQ UNIX Agent 7.1 for AppManager UNIX


Problems loading shared libraries within the retreiveAIXctr binary on AIX in the 7.1 UNIX Agent.


Installing This Hotfix
You can install this Hotfix using UNIX Agent Manager, or you can install manually on the local computer where you installed the UNIX agent.

To install this Hotfix using UNIX Agent Manager:

In the UNIX Agent Manager console, click Agent Manager.
Click Hosts > Scan All Hosts to verify all agents are active and registered.
Click Hosts > Patch Mgr.
Click Load.
Select the file and click Open.
Select the computers where you want to install this Hotfix.
Select as the patch to install.
Click Next.
Click Begin Install.
Verify successful installation in the results window.

To install this Hotfix manually:

Unizip the file
Copy the /unix/data/updates//p71p17.tar file for your operating system and the /unix/data/updates/P71P17/wcPatch file to the PSHOME/netiq/bin directory on the computer where you want to install the Hotfix. You can find the value for PSHOME in the /etc/vsaunix.cfg file on the target computer.
Log on to the computer where you want to install the Hotfix.
Run the su command to switch to the root user account.
Change to the PSHOME/netiq/bin directory.
Run the command ./wcPatch APPLY p71p17.tar /tmp. You can use an alternate directory for temporary files by replacing /tmp with the directory you want to use.
Please contact us with your questions and comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

For detailed contact information, see the Support Contact Information Web site.


retreiveAIXctr in the 7.1 UNIX agent was transitioned to being compiled via gcc. Due to library requirement differences between gcc and AIX's C compiler the required shared libraries would not load through uroot.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72498