How do I exclude scripts from running when dragging a KSG onto a management group? (NETIQKB72474)

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  • 23-Jul-2010
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NetIQ AppManager 6.x
NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x
NetIQ AppManager Operator Console


How do I exclude scripts from running when dragging a KSG onto a management group?
The goal of this How-To is to allow a user to drop a ksg onto a management group, then make individual exclusions as needed.


In our example we are going to use a Knowledge Script Group called KSG_NT.  In our example the user would like to not monitor memory on specific machines.  We will perform these steps in the NetIQ AppManager Operator Console.

  • User has 4 computers in a Server Group named Windows Server Group.
  • User has 1 KSG that they are going to apply called KSG_NT
  • KSG_NT Contains the 3 following scripts:
    • NT_MemUtil
    • NT_CpuByProcess
    • NT_CpuLoaded


  1. Drag and drop KSG_NT onto the Windows Server Group.
  2. In the Properties for Knowledge Script Group members perform the following:
    • Select the script that you want to exclude a member on
    • Select the Objects... button
  3. In the Properties for NT_MemUtil
    • Expand the Computer(s) you want to exclude
    • Deselect the object you want to exclude, in this case Memory
    • Click OK
  4. Repeat Steps 2 & 3 for each script you want to exclude a computer on.

Once you click OK and submit the jobs you will see that the KS has been excluded on specific items.  In the case of the NT_MemUtil from the above example the KS will not be running on all 4 objects based on selection of objects.

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