How do I configure the NetIQ AppManager for Oracle module on 64-bit Windows Computers? (NETIQKB72453)

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  • 14-Jul-2010
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NetIQ AppManager for Oracle (Windows)



Steps to configure NetIQ Oracle Managed Object for monitoring 64-bit Oracle Database 10g R2 Server.


1. Before installing the Oracle Managed Object, follow the following installation steps.

                (a) To monitor 64-bit Oracle database 10g R2, it is necessary to install 32-bit Oracle client 10g R2. So, install the Oracle Client "Oracle Database 10g Client Release 2 ( for Microsoft Windows" which can be downloaded from the URL During the installation, the user needs to select either Runtime or Administrator in the Select Installation Type window. On completion of this installation a new Oracle Home gets created.

                (b) Install and configure the ?Oracle 10g Release 2 ODAC for Windows? (ODAC1020221) on the Oracle client (installed in previous step). Please make sure Oracle Provider for OLE DB is selected in Oracle Data Access Components window. This ODAC tool can be downloaded from

                (c) Apply Patch ?4923768? on the oracle client.

2.  Replace the client's home variable's tnsnames.ora file with the Oracle server's tnsnames.ora file. This step is important. For example, copy the tnsnames.ora file from the Oracle database location

?C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1\NETWORK\ADMIN? to


3.  At the command prompt, run ckoracle.exe as described in the section titled ?To configure Oracle Database on 32-bit agent computers? on page 8. This step generates the system DSN.

4.  On the Agent computer, click Start > Control Panel >Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC) to open the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog.

5.  Click the System DSN tab to view the list of all system data source names (DSNs).

6.  Click Add... to open the Create New Data Source dialog.

7.  Scroll down the list of data sources and select Oracle in<name of the Oracle database>.

8.  Click Finish to open the ODBC Driver Configuration dialog.

9.  Type the Data Source Name that you obtained from the ckoracle.exe utility.

10.  Type a meaningful Description.

11.  In the TNS Service Name drop down list, select the SID of the Oracle instance.

12.  Optionally, click Test Connection to verify the connection to the Oracle RDBMS server.

13.  Close the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog.

14.  Launch Security Manager from the AppManager Operator Console.

15.  In the list of Computers, navigate to the Agent computer which you configured earlier.


16.  On the Oracle tab, click Add to open the Add Oracle User dialog.

17.  Type the username and password.

18.  In the Database list, select or type the DSN you obtained from the ckoracle.exe utility.

19.  Click OK to save the configuration settings.

20.  Exit Security Manager.

21.  To monitor a newly added database (after the installation of Oracle MO), you need to follow from step 2 to 20.

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