How do I silently install an AppManager Agent? (NETIQKB72449)

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NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x


How do I silently install an AppManager Agent?
What are the steps for silently installing an AppManager Agent?


This article only applies to the AppManager 7.0.x Agent, which is an .msi-based installation program.  These steps will not work for AppManager 6.0.x or earlier Agents.

To silently install an AppManager (AM) 7.0.x Agent, use the following command:


Here are the definitions for the above switches:

  • INSTALLDIR - Defines the path to the NetIQ AppManager agent.msi file
  • SKIPPREINSTALLCHECK - Defines whether you want the installer to confirm (1) that an Agent already exists on this server or not (0).
  • MC_B_UPGRADE - Defines whether this is an upgrade (1), or a clean install (0).
  • MC_B_REPORTAGENT - Defines whether this server will be a Report Agent (1), or not (0).
  • MC_B_WINUSER - Defines whether the Agent Services will be run as a Windows User (1), or LocalSystem (0).
  • MC_AUTODISCOVERY - Defines whether you want the Discovery_NT job to be auto-run (1) on this Agent, or not (0) after installation completes.
  • MC_PORT - Defines the port that the Agent listens for MSs on.
    • Note: You do not need to use this switch if you are OK with using the default value (9998).
  • MS_PORT - Defines the port that the MS listens for Agents on.
    • Note: You do not need to use this switch if you are OK with using the default value (9999).
  • MC_MSPRISEC - Defines whether you want (1) to set Primary and Secondary MS during the installation, or not(0) .
  • MC_MSPRIMARY - Defines the name of the Primary MS for this Agent.
  • MC_MSSECONDARY - Defines the name of the Secondary MS for this Agent.
  • MC_B_WEBSERVER - Defines whether you want (1) to set a value for the Web Deployment Server, or leave the Web Deployment Server value blank (0).
    • Note: The Web Deployment Server is used by an AM 7.0.x Agent to report inventory info to Control Center.  This feature is key for correctly functioning Remote Deployments through Control Center Deployment Service.
  • MC_WEBSERVER - Defines the name of the Web Deployment Server.  This switch is unnecessary if you set a value of '0' for the MC_WEBSERVER switch.
    • Note: Be sure to use the MC_WEBSERVER switch, if you set the MC_B_WEBSERVER value to '1'.  If you set the MC_B_WEBSERVER value to '1', and do not set a value with the MC_WEBSERVER switch, the default name for the Web Deployment Server will be set as the local Agent's host name.  This can cause communication problems on the Agent.
  • MC_SECLEVEL - Defines the Security Level you want to implement with this Agent (MUST be the same as is set for the MSs in this environment):
    • 0 = cleartext (Default)
    • 1 = encryption
    • 2 = encryption with password
  • MC_SECPWD - Defines the password to use if you chose SECLEVEL 2 for the previous option.
  • MC_B_MSPRISEC_REMOVEALLOWMSSTAR - Defines whether to allow (0) anonymous MSs to communicate with this Agent, or not (1).
    • Note: The default '0' value for the RemoveAllowMSStar registry key allows anonymous Management Servers to give the Agent Start and Stop job commands.  If you would prefer to only allow those MSs that you defined as Primary and/or Secondary to give such direction to your Agent, you should set this switch to '1', which will remove the "*" wildcard value from the AllowMS registry key.
  • /L*V - Enables installation logging and defines the path to write that log to, in order to trace any possible problems with the installation.

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