MSDTC failure while trying to install a central computer (NETIQKB72417)

  • 7772417
  • 23-Jun-2010
  • 06-Mar-2012


Security Manager 6.x


Receive an MSDTC error when installing the Central Computer. The MSDTC on the central computer can be set up and configured, but when the MSDTC setting on the database are accessed an error code of 80070422 is displayed.


This issue is caused by the Com+ System Application Service becoming locked. a reboot of the SQL server is required to unfreeze the service, which will allow the MSDTC to begin functioning on the database server again.


The System Application Service is still seen as running by Windows Services Management, even though it is shown as stopped on the services screen. A simple restart of the service will not clear the error.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72417