Work items occasionally fail to fork two child processes (NETIQKB72240)

  • 7772240
  • 20-Apr-2010
  • 02-Sep-2011


NetIQ Aegis 2.1


Work items occasionally fail to fork two child processes
Workflows might occasionally fail to start.
The Aegis Operations Console times out when you attempt to view all work items for a process.
The NetIQ Aegis Correlation Engine service appears to be started but Aegis does not trigger work items.
The Capture New Report Data job fails when converting data to an integer.
Tables in user input forms display the error message, 'There are no rows to show in this view'.
If global error handling returns to the original activity that failed, the work item terminates immediately.
Workflows occasionally fail to initiate work items from other processes.


These issues are resolved with NetIQ Aegis Hotfix 72240 which has been superceded by NetIQ Aegis Hotfix 72402.  You can download all current Aegis Core Component Hotfixes here .  To correct the issues listed in this article, please download and install Hotfix 72240.

Installing This Hotfix

Complete the following steps to install this hotfix:

  1. Log on to the Aegis Server computer with a local administrator account.
  2. Run the Aegis21_Hotfix72240.exe file.
  3. Follow the instructions in the wizard until you have finished installing the hotfix.

The hotfix installation program automatically restarts the following Aegis services:

  • NetIQ Aegis Namespace Provider
  • NetIQ Aegis Engine
  • NetIQ Aegis Activity Broker

Modified Files

This hotfix modifies the following files in the C:\Program Files\NetIQ\Aegis folder on the Aegis Server computer:

  • \IQConnect\bin\pg.dll (Build Number
  • \IQConnect\bin\
  • \IQConnect\bin\pg.pdb
  • \IQConnect\bin\pgwfb.dll (version
  • \IQConnect\bin\
  • \IQConnect\bin\pgwfb.pdb
  • \IQConnect\bin\ProcessGovernanceEngine.exe (version
  • \IQConnect\bin\
  • \IQConnect\bin\ProcessGovernanceEngine.pdb
  • \IQConnect\bin\wfe.dll (Build Number
  • \IQConnect\bin\
  • \IQConnect\bin\wfe.pdb
  • \IQConnect\mof\PG_1_3.mof
  • \DB\PGE\StoredProcedures\workflow.sql
  • \DB\PGE\StoredProcedures\workitem.sql

This hotfix adds the following files to the C:\Program Files\NetIQ\Aegis\IQConnect\Aegis21_Hotfix72240 folder on each computer where you install the hotfix:

  • Aegis21_Hotfix72240.log
  • Aegis21_Readme72240.htm
  • Install.log 


These issues are caused by multiple minor problems within NetIQ Aegis.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72240