Error dplCreateTasksForRule has too many arguments specified (NETIQKB72223)

  • 7772223
  • 15-Apr-2010
  • 16-Apr-2010


NetIQ Appmanager 7.0.x
NetIQ Control Center 7.0.4


Error dplCreateTasksForRule has too many arguments specified

This error is seen in the deployment service logs on the deployment service machine. This error is due to a change in the stored procedure in Appmanager Hotfix 71647. The SQL Stored procedure 'dplCreateTasksForRule' has not been updated to accept a new parameter called mode.


To verify if the stored procedure has been updated on the NQCCDB please complete the following steps:

  1. Open SQL Management Studio.
  2. Connect to the machine hosting the NQCCDB
  3. Expand the SQL Server:

    Database > NQCCDB > Programmability > Stored Procedures

  4. Find dbo.dplCreateTasksForRule
  5. Identify if this stored procedure was updated by looking at the icon to see if a small padlock appears. This stored procedure was unlocked with this release and should not display one.
  6. Next if you expand the stored procedure under parameters there should be a parameter called Mode.

These items will help to identify if the sql server has had the hotfix applied. If either the Mode parameter is not present and/or the stored procedure is locked please re-run the hotfix installation.

If the condition persists after the hotfix has been applied, please contact NetIQ Technical Support.


This is due to hotfix 71647 not being applied to the SQL Server hosting the NQCCDB.  The full Error Message in teh Deployemnt Service Log will appear similar to the following:

4/8/2010 07:08:23.672: [ERROR] [Assembly=DeploymentService; Method=DeploymentCore.Detection.Processing.RuleProcessor.ProcessRules ThreadID=62] : Caught an exception while running rule Windows Agent 7.0.2 as tbdcorp\netiq_svc

Inner Message=Procedure or function dplCreateTasksForRule has too many arguments specified.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72223