What is the procedure to change the username and password for the Tomcat and Analytics Services for AMPP? (NETIQKB72217)

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  • 15-Apr-2010
  • 24-May-2012


NetIQ AppManager Performance Profiler 4.1.2


What is the procedure to change the username and password for the Tomcat and Analytics Services for AMPP?


Edit the hibernate.properties files in the following two directories on the performance profiler machine hosting the services:

'/netiq/appmanager/performance profiler/conf'
'/netiq/appmanager/performance profiler/tomcat/webapps/WEB-INF/classes'

These edits are to change the username associated with the ampp services. The user will need full access to the ampp datasource within sql.

The following is a sample of the entries to be modified:

hibernate.query.substitutions true 1, false 0

hibernate.show_sql false

hibernate.format_sql false

hibernate.use_sql_comments false

hibernate.dialect org.hibernate.dialect.SQLServerDialect

hibernate.connection.username amppadmin

hibernate.connection.password --encrypted--9t1r1asAidYklAol0c9ARM2Nl6Oy3T+JPzvM15kuYPbfB5Pjs6QPvnjrfamvHeYxI+MDZ0XvUt0S1ZbdGpGfiiH4xGEpqGZvuWVdetecJOI+eC99hEqv4LsYHUGwcmGJ

hibernate.connection.driver_class net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver hibernate.connection.url jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://amppserver.tbd.corp:1433/amppdb;socketTimeout=900;loginTimeout=30;domain=tbd;instance=

hibernate.connection.validationQuery select 1

#Quartz Timer Properties

quartz.driverDelegate org.quartz.impl.jdbcjobstore.MSSQLDelegate


#Cache configuration

hibernate.cache.use_second_level_cache false


1. Please change the username in the connection.username string ---hibernate.connection.username amppadmin
2. Please also verify the connection.url string ---hibernate.connection.url jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://amppserver.tbd.corp:1433/amppdb;socketTimeout=900;loginTimeout=30;domain=tbd;instance=

In this case amppadmin is the username, amppserver is the machinename, amppdb is the name of the ampp database and tbd.corp is the domain. Edit both of these files, then run changepassword.bat which is located in the '\NetIQ\AppManager\Performance Profiler\bin\' directory.

Once the Batch is running please enter the password for that user account in the pop-up window that you will be presented with. This will update the password entries in both of the hibernate.properties files.

NOTE: The changepassword.bat file can be used to simply change the password if the desired username has already been entered.

Once this is complete, please re-start the Analytics and Tomcat services.

Please contact NetIQ Technical Support with any issues or questions related to this article.

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