Exchange 2007 Discovery Error, Unable to Load PowerShell Host (NETIQKB72201)

  • 7772201
  • 09-Apr-2010
  • 13-Sep-2010


AppManager 7.0.x
AppManager Agent for Windows 7.0.25.x
AppManager for Windows Module 7.6.159.x
AppManager for Exchange 2007 Module 7.3.293.x


After installing Exchange 2007 module version, the Discovery_Exchange script fails with an error

Logs all appear to show the Exchange module has installed properly on the system, but discovery of Exchange fails.

If WinOS MO version is installed before the Exchange 2007 MO version, then the Exchange 2007 MO install will appear to succeed, but discovery of Exchange fails.


To correct this problem download and re-install the latest Windows Module after the Exchange 2007 module has been installed. 



This problem is caused due to the merging of a config file in the PowerShell host code. Because of this the Exchange module appears to install fine until the auto discovery fails with the following error:

Unable to load the AppManager PowerShell Host managed object DLL.
Verify that the Exchange 2007 module is installed
and registered.

Script location: CreateMO
Function: CreateObject
Class: NetIQAgent.MCPSHost
Error code: 424 (0x1A8)
Error message: Object required

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72201

This problem has been corrected in the current release of the NetIQ AppManager for Windows Module.