When does the Log Archive check for partitions that need to be closed? (NETIQKB72198)

  • 7772198
  • 08-Apr-2010
  • 04-May-2010


Security Manager 6.x


The purpose of this article is to provide information on when the Log Archive Service closes partitions.


The Log Archive Service has a internal process called the Closeable Partition Locator Job. The process runs once an hour from the Log Archive Service start time. Each hour the Job scans the attached volumes and searches for partitions that need to be closed.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72198

If a partition is not closing, there are several factors that could be causing the issue.

  1. Index processing is running behind and you need to allow more time for indexing to complete. This can be verified by reviewing the files located in the Index_data directory of the attached volume. If there are indexing files the index_data directory that contain the name partition that in question, indexing is not complete. These indexing files must be processed before the partition will be closed.

  2. The Index is currently being closed and the Log Archive Service is still verifying and compressing the index. This can be verified by looking in the Log Archive Server configuration file. See the following steps:

    • Log into the Log Archive Server.
    • Open Windows Explorer.
    • Browse to the following directory:

      C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NetIQ\Security Manager\Log Files\

    • Open the following log file: LogArchiveServer.txt
    • See the following example of what to search for in this file:

      2010-03-29 00:07:59,828 [10] INFO  NetIQ.NERDS.DataStore.Storage.CloseablePartitionLocatorJob: Closing partition 20100328

  3. The index is corrupted and needs to be recreated. For more information about reindexing a partition see NETIQKB72176.